To develop both the company and our products, we have always worked closely in collaboration with representatives from the environments where our benches are located. For a long time, we have collaborated with various ambassadors, individuals who use our products daily and are passionate about their respective areas of interest. Their input is extremely valuable to us when it comes to improving and developing our workbenches. Our ambassadors are spread all over the world. Some work locally and are well-known figures in their respective local areas, while others are involved in more international contexts. The most important thing for us is that those we collaborate with share our values and are committed to developing products that meet the high expectations that users have for their workbenches.


Oskar Boström

Oskar has an Elite 2000 with a clamping platform and an SM04 cabinet in his workshop. Additionally, he has a carpentry bus where there is a Nordic 1450.


Sebastián Mateu

Sebastián has an Original 1900 with a custom-designed cabinet underneath. In his newly opened space, he also has a Nordic Pro and a Smart Workstation Pro.


Alex Reynaud

Alex is located in Clovis, California, and in his workshop, he has a Scandi 1825 with an SM07 cabinet.


Patrick Lapierre

Our new friend in Canada, Patrick, has an Elite 1500 with the accompanying SM03 cabinet.


Pierre Bolmér

In The Swedish Maker's workshop, there is a Nordic Pro with an SM07 cabinet underneath.


Victor Grankvist

Victor owns an Original 1900 with a clamping platform and an SM05 cabinet.


Matt Buell

In his workshop, Matt has an Elite 2000 with a clamping platform and an SM04 cabinet. Additionally, he has treated his bench himself and made it black.


Carsten Nilsson

The woodcarver Carsten has a Smart Workstation Pro. Carsten is a trained woodcarver specializing in patterns and styles from the 18th century.


Teis Dich Abrahamsen

At the workshop of furniture designer Teis in Denmark, there is an Elite 2000 with a clamping platform, an SM04 cabinet, and a Smart Workstation Pro.


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