Sjöbergs storage cabinets

You can find our storage cabinets in workshops, carpentry shops and, above all, in woodworking classrooms throughout Europe. Our upright cabinets are multifunctional and can be furnished in many different ways, enabling you to create your own perfect storage solutions.
Once the cabinets are in place, you can rearrange the interior however and whenever you like if your needs change over time. Here you will find drawers, holders, smart dividers and compartments that create order and clarity for materials, devices, tools and machines.
The doors are equipped with cylinder locks and pocket door hinges so that the doors can be hidden in a pocket next to the exterior walls of the cabinets when opened, saving you space and avoiding the use of swinging doors.


✓ Made in Sweden        ✓ Up to a 2-year warranty


Are you looking for a catalogue with all our products you´ll find it here!

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