Maria succeeds in Germany

Maria Häggbom Potter has stepped into the shoes of Frauke Finnern-Bräuchle, who retired in March. Raised in Germany and with a permanent address in Sweden, Sjöbergs’ new profile on the German market feels at home in both countries and sees borderless opportunities to spread even more joy of creativity.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I moved to Germany when I was 4 and only left when I was 24, so my entire schooling was shaped by the German system. Since then, I’ve also lived in Dubai, Canada, and Australia. I’ve worked in sales and marketing in the service industry the past 20 years.

What has the start at Sjöbergs been like?

Intense and interesting. It’s been very easy to get a grasp of everything, thanks to great support from the Stockaryd office and working side by side with Frauke for months. I’ve been able to tap into vast knowledge about the market and the products.

What’s up next?

First, I’ll continue building relationships and listening to our customers’ needs. With almost 50 retailers nationwide, we want to develop further. So, there’s some strategic work ahead to identify what we need to focus on, collaborate on, and market. We’ll also explore digital possibilities to educate and inspire more – and more in German.

What inspires you professionally?

The best part of my job is meeting and helping our customers. And then there’s something special about receiving an order. It means that a creative person is going to experience the joy of having a Sjöbergs workbench in their life.

What about your personal joy of creativity?

I’m fascinated by wood and other natural materials. In my spare time, I bring nature into my home and garden through plants, beautifully weathered driftwood from the beach, stones and fossils. I pick and dry herbs for the home pharmacy and do a bit of gardening.

Would you like to discuss business opportunities or just get to know Maria better? You can reach our Area Sales Manager Germany directly at maria.potter@sjö or by phone at +46 79 143 23 73.

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