How to choose the right workbench

1. The bench top should be at least 55 mm/2.2″ thick when you buy a bench with a shoulder vice. This is necessary to ensure a sturdy vice construction.
2. The cabinetmaker’s bench should be made of a hard wood such as beech, oak or ash.
3. Use jaw cushions in both the front and rear vice. This will extend the product life and increase the grip on the workpiece.
4. Choose a bench size based on the intended use. Make sure there is space between bench groups, cabinets and machines.
5. Vertically adjustable stands are available. If required, choose gas springs or a hydraulic lift set for simpler height adjustment.
6. Lubricate and adjust regularly. This is important to ensure good bench function, and to safeguard the guarantee.
7. Buy the cabinetmaker’s bench from a well-established company to ensure access to spare parts and servicing.
8. Quality is important when making a long-term investment.
9. High-quality accessories enhance the bench’s function.
10. Needless to say, you’re buying MADE IN SWEDEN!

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