Four important tips when furnishing a textile craft room

There are several challenges when kitting out a textile craft room: different sized classes, students of different ages with different ergonomic needs, and of course the teacher will want everything to have its own place to keep things neat and tidy. Economically speaking, it’s also important that the room is equipped with strong, robust furniture that’s built to last. Here are our four top tips to help you make the right choices.

1. Choose the right material

Always use hardwearing bench tops made of high pressure laminate (HPL). We also recommend choosing furniture that’s generously dimensioned to withstand regular heavy use over a long time.

2. Sewing machine lift

The Sjöbergs sewing machine table with built-in lift minimizes damage to the sewing machine. You also avoid heavy lifting and shifting, as you don’t have to move the machine to free up workspace.

3. Storage

Requirements in a school classroom change depending on the class size, new teachers with different demands, and so on. Furnishing with flexibility in mind ensures that the necessary adaptations are as quick and easy as possible. Sjöbergs storage cabinets are made from durable material and are built to last. Smart accessories are also available for our cutting tables, to help you keep things neat and tidy.

4. Ergonomics

A school classroom is a workplace for teachers and students alike. Therefore, be sure to consider ergonomics, which can vary when students are of different ages and heights. It’s better to choose vertically adjustable chairs than vertically adjustable tables.
They are also quick and easy for the students to adjust themselves. For teachers, 900 mm/35.5″ is a good, ergonomic work height.

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