Development of our popular storage cabinets

During the autumn we are phasing out the storage cabinets in plywood and by using MDF instead we are upgrading our popular storage cabinets with pocket doors and the cabinet for student work.

This means that the new and improved storage cabinets will get new article numbers but the construction is the same. All the drawers and shelves will fit both new and old cabinets. We believe this adjustment is a great improvement which makes the cabinet more stabil.

Sjöbergs Workbenches AB are always seeking quality, that our material is FSC labelled and we want to keep our customers content. We will during this autumn, gradually update our web with new pictures and information. If you have any questions regarding our cabinets you are more than welcome to contact Christoffer Johansson, our sales representative for schools and retailers. His contact information is [email protected] or +46 70 863 46 72


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