For school and education

For those in education and training who are seeking inspiration or looking for the right benches for your particular classroom.

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For you as a Professional

Let us inspire you, for whom only the best is good enough, and who require functionality and durability in your profession.

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For You as a Hobbyist

Do you like DIY or are you planning to renovate at home? Perhaps you're finally going to sew that thing you've been thinking about for a long time. Here, you'll find inspiration and the bench you need.

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Made in Sweden

A workbench from us is a solid craftsmanship that requires knowledge and experience.

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Our ambassadors

We are very proud of our Sjöbergs ambassadors who are both teachers, professional craftsmen, and hobbyists.

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Video & Product catalogs

If you want to browse a product catalog, watch our entire brand movie, or other video clips, we have gathered them here for you.

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Vilket nyhetsbrev är du intresserad av?

Inspiration for your ears

Listen to 'Hantverkardagboken' and get inspired by various craftsmen!

Hantverkardagboken is a podcast for those who love craftsmanship and want to listen to Sebastián Mateu talking with various craftsmen about their craft in different industries. Sjöbergs is a proud sponsor of this podcast that conveys a lot of the joy of creating and geeking out in various craft professions. Everything from shoemaking, birch bark craft, furniture conservation to carpentry, carving, and intarsia.


British podcast with Sean Everleigh in collaboration with Axminster Tools in the UK

Sean is a young, innovative fine carpenter, based in Kent, UK. His passion for creating beautiful wooden furniture encompasses the entire process. He has a deep understanding of the properties of different types of wood and always ensures to incorporate the wood's natural beauty into his design. Sean devotes as much time to the invisible parts of his work as to what the eye can see. He would describe himself as a creator of modern works, taught in traditional methods, but always looking to push boundaries. You can find him on Youtube here.

@Podcast Out of the Woodwork