For You as a Hobbyist

Sjöbergs workbenches enable creation in all its forms. Whether you're renovating your home, fixing something that's broken, sewing clothes, or carving carefully chosen materials, the joy of seeing the result is the same. When life wants you to be creative, we are here for you. Sjöbergs offers several bench models suitable for hobby woodworking or textile work.

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We have functional craft benches for the little ones and height-adjustable benches that can grow as the interest in craftsmanship and the children grow. We also have mobile work surfaces that are perfect for those living in apartments or for those who don't need a sturdy bench.

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Let yourself be inspired by Sonja, who runs the Instagram account 'Sonjas Kreativa Kaos

Sonja also works as a teacher, but spends just as much of her free time sewing clothes and creating cool going-away gifts. For more inspiration, follow her on the Instagram account @sonjaskreativakaos or read Sjöbergs article about her and how she shares her creativity with all those eager to craft.

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For those who create with textiles, Sjöbergs has suitable worktables. These are most commonly found in the school's textile room, but of course, we can assist you as a private individual in getting a price for these fine sewing, ironing, and cutting tables.

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