Made In Sweden

We have 100 years experience in producing workbenches and other wooden products. Today, our operation is refined, and we produce woodworking benches for the woodwork classroom, woodworking benches and workbenches for the DIY enthusiast and of course for children. More recently, we’ve also developed our product range for school textiles classrooms. Here too, we’ve prioritized ergonomics and quality. All of our products are made in our factory in Stockaryd. In other words, Made in Sweden. Full control over our products.

Some of our most popular benches

Sjöbergs Elite 2000

Sjöbergs Elite is both heavier and smarter than any other bench on the market. Designed and made for professionals by professionals and produced in three sizes – 1500, 2000 and a combination of Elite 2000 and our Clamping Platform.

All Elite benches

Sjöbergs Nordic 1450

Sjöbergs Nordic 1450 is based on the latest Sjöbergs design! Birchwood top designed for long life. Sjöbergs Nordic 1450 comes with two vices that can be located in four different places. Our holdfasts can be used on both the top and the frame. The double dog hole rows for both front and back vices and multiple accessories make Sjöbergs Nordic 1450 a workplace with many possibilities.


Sjöbergs Junior/Senior is the perfect woodworking bench for children and adults alike! The bench comes with two different leg heights. A sturdy bench with many practical features for people who work with carpentry or other handicrafts.

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