Sjöbergs Warranty terms

Products under the Sjöbergs brand, manufactured by Sjöbergs Workbenches AB, are covered by the following warranties:

  • Ten (10) year warranty for all* workbenches ,the storage modules and our Sjöbergs cabinets 1-4
    *Except the 33394 and 33374 -those have a 2 year warranty.
  • Two (2) year warranty for all accessories
  • Two (2) year warranty for all workbenches containing electronic parts

The warranties cover both material and manufacturing defects.

Warranty validity and terms for external suppliers are limited to the warranty validity and terms applied by said suppliers for their own products.

During the warranty period, the Purchaser must use the products in an indoor environment with a relative humidity (RH) of between 40 and 55%, and follow Sjöbergs’ other care instructions available on